Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hyundai Genesis


The new Hyundai Genesis is quite a significant car for Hyundai. It is a rear wheel drive luxury sedan that basically competes with cars that cost $10 000 - $20 000 more. The only problem is the design is overly bland. The design for the target market shouldn't be too cutting edge, but most people have said that the design is too boring. I have made a few changes to the windows, doors, wheels, and tail lights to upgrade this design a bit. I kept it fairly conservative, but I think the new designs are what the car should have looked like.

Audi A6


I couldn't find the original picture, but here is a similar one from Prestige Imports on Ebay. I changed the rear lights to make them fit with the design of the car, the original lights are too square and ruin the otherwise good design of the car. The new ones I made are similar to the Q7 or Avant lights.

BMW 3 Series Update


Here is my update to the BMW 3 series sedan, the 325i. The back lights now look a lot cleaner and the car looks more refined.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

2009 Honda Pilot



The new Honda Pilot is actually a downgrade in terms of styling. The front headlights are enormous and ugly, and the grill has a very bad design for such a vehicle. The body and windows are also very bland, and so I have made the necessary changes to turn this into a higher end SUV. The original photo is taken from Autoblog.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Re-design: Pontiac Aztek

The undisputed ugliest car ever made, the Pontiac Aztek is pictured on top. Below it is a re-design based on it, its called the Chevrolet Traverse. Its a huge improvement for sure, with a much cleaner and futuristic design, but is it enough?

Monday, August 27, 2007

2009 Jaguar XF

The outside looks like a cross between a mid-1990s Lexus GS and a low-end Buick with a dash of Ford Taurus tossed in. I was surprised at how bland this car is, especially after all the talking Jaguar has been doing about turning around. Jaguar's quality (along with the rest of British brands) is known to be terrible, and if people aren't buying for quality, they're buying for style, and this certainly does not have that. The interior reminds me of those Ford Crown Victoria taxi cabs, long, blank, cheaply fitted and poorly constructed interiors, with zero design. If this came out in 1995, it would have been good, but 2008?

2008 Honda Accord Sedan and Interior

The first picture is the coupe interior with the manual transmission, the second is what looks like the sport version of the sedan, with manual, and the third looks like the base model of the sedan, with the automatic. Note the different steering wheels from the coupe to sedan. I think that the interior looks perfect, it looks very well-built and comfortable, and I like the design. The exterior on the other hand, is pretty disappointing, the side and rear are clearly inspired by the BMW 5-Series, and the front looks ugly to me, very square and plain, with headlights that stick out from the side of the car. Older Honda Accords didn't need to copy, and they looked great. Why does Honda need to copy now?